2K Carbo Clear Plus

2K carbon clear coat


This new, very rich in solids, VOC-conform Carbon Clear Coat is suitable for all paint works on Carbon. Whether small parts or complete vehicle parts - with this special Clear Coat you cover the whole spectrum of Carbon coating.


This VOC-conform clear coat is a special clear coat for Carbon parts. It is characterized by a rapid and very good through drying. Well balanced pot life enables safe application. The 2K Carbo Clear has a very brilliant gloss and run. It can be polished easily, has an excellent scratch resistance and an outstanding durability due to the very high UV-Protection, chemical- and weather resistance.

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
153.217 2K Carbo Clear Plus1.0 l View/Download View/Download
153.218 2K Carbo Clear Plus hardener0.5 l View/Download View/Download
153.207 2K Carbo Clear Plus5.0 l View/Download View/Download
153.208 2K Carbo Clear Plus hardener2.5 l View/Download View/Download

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