2K Clear VOC Premium

2K clear coat


This VOC-conform 2K clear coat is suitable for application on small parts as well as on complete paintwork like full vehicle fronts.


The CS 2K Clear Premium is easy to handle, has excellent flow properties and a brilliant gloss. Due to its excellent drying properties it can be polished easily with our paint finish products. With this clear coat the user can exhaust the complete spectrum of possibilities, from single components to complete paintwork. Additionally it is exceptional scratch resistance combined with a very high UV-protection.

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
146.714 2K Premium clear5.0 l View/Download View/Download
147.019 2K Premium hardener standard2.5 l View/Download View/Download
147.361 2K Premium hardener slow2.5 l View/Download View/Download
147.862 2K Premium hardener fast2.5 l View/Download View/Download

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