2K Clear VOC Speed Plus

2K clear coat


This new VOC compliant clear coat is suitable for the coating of individual parts and for all vehicle parts such as front vehicles.


This new 2K Clear VOC Speed Plus clear coat is characterized by a very fast hardening. After 15 minutes at 60°C drying time and subsequent cooling the coating can be polished. Perfect flow properties, a brilliant gloss with a fast drying.
A VOC compliant clear coat with high solid content, suitable for solvent and water- based base coat systems.

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
152.563 2K clear VOC Speed Plus A+B comp. 1.5 l View/Download View/Download
151.899 2K clear VOC Speed Plus5.0 l View/Download View/Download
151.901 2K VOC hardner Speed Plus2.5 l View/Download View/Download

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