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Haftstahl enables strong and durable bonds between same kind and different materials, e.g. steel, aluminium, lead, wood, iron, Eternit, etc. Haftstahl can be used for filling holes, cracks, blow holes etc. in metal or cast parts, wood, Eternit, ceramics, concrete etc..

Steel Bond is used as a filling material, bonding agent, as well as a sealing agent. Haftstahl is a sealing and isolation material for durable repairs which e.g. can not be welded because of an explosion risk.


Haftstahl is a two component, grey metallic, solvent free repair- and bonding material, based on epoxy resin. The high quality and the low shrinkage ensures tension-free and crack-free repairs in many application areas. It has an excellent compressive and bonding strength and hardness. Haftstahl is resistant against temperature and many low-aggressive chemical liquids. The potlife of Haftstahl is about 30 minutes.


Potlife: 30 minutes
Colour: grey-metallic

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
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