Power Mix Primer

primer / activator


Power Mix Primer / Activator is an adhesion primer for bonding plastics. It can also be used as an universal plastic primer when acrylic, synthetic, resin based or nitro-combi lacquers shall be applied.
Power Mix Primer / Activator is suitable for following plastics:
Polyurethane (PUR), Polysytrene (PS), Polyamide (PA), Modified Polypropylene Rubber (EPDM), Acrylic Butadiene Styrene Plastics (ABS), Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP), Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (Unplasticised PVC).


Power Mix Primer / Activator is a transparent adhesion primer for plastic parts. It improves the adhesion strength, especially on plastic, which is difficult to bond. It is easy to apply and has a short flash off time. Power Mix Primer / Activator contains solvents.

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