Dry Coat 2.0 - Starter Set

Control Powder black

The Carsystem Dry Coat 2.0 control powder makes sanding marks and structures visible on the surface.This new Set contents an applicator, Velcro foam ring, control powder cartridges.The fine powder reaches deep into all imperfections of the surface so that smallest scratches, imperfections and structures are clearly visible.

Article numbers and download table

Art.No. Specification KP VE Safety Data Sheet
158.486 Starter Set / 2 x 30 g inkl. / black 1 8 No files available.
158.488 1 200 No files available.


  • Finest sanding control powder in a modified edition set
  • Starter-Set: Applicator + fine-foam ring (velcro) + 2 x 30 g powder cartridge + storage
  • Refill-set: Control powder cartridges black or orange
  • Basic-material: Natron lime-borosilicate-glass


  • Sanding control on putty, filler and primer
  • Colour: Black - for light surfaces
  • Colour: Orange - for dark surfaces


  • Makes finest imperfections and pinholes visible
  • Aerosol- and solvent-free/ work protection  - does not clog the abrasives
  • Easy one-hand-application
  • Simple cartridge change due to the velcro foam ring
  • Sustainable storage tray / Parking area includes in the set
  • Individual components can be ordered: Foam rings, powder cartridges


The control powder reaches deep into all imperfections of the surfaces so all kind of scratches, pinholes become visible.The Carsystem Dry Coat 2.0 requires no drying time or masking. The control powder can be sanded immediately after application.

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