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Concept, Design & Realization

Siteway® Webdesign
Siteway® Webdesign


This website was created in view of the current references by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

DW3C sets standards and principles for the advancement of web-technologies to improve the interoperability of the world wide web and its progress in usabilty.

A W3C-valid source code is the basic foundation for a good search engine optimization (SEO) and barrier-free websites.

This makes the W3C-valid execution of HTML5- and CSS3-programming an important quality attribute for professional websites.

HTML5 and CSS3 – technologies of the future

To put it simply you can name HTML5 and CSS3 the standards for a future-proof structure and modern design of websites.

HTML5 is the latest standard of HTML. Its former version called HTML 4.01 was released in 1999. Since then the web has modified a lot, so this version has become dated and has been replaced by HTML5. It is even now supported by the popular browsers.

The development of CSS3 was started only a year after the former version has been published. That was in 1999, so it took the W3C 12 years to improve the technology of CSS for this version.

Even though there is a major difference between CSS2 and CSS3, all modern browsers quickly implemented the new addition of the W3C-family and now support the most CSS3-features which are currently avaiable.

Responsive Webdesign

Responsive webdesign prepares websites to fit in all screensizes.

This website does not only run on normal desktop pc's, it also considers the different requirements of other devices. Especially mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

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