Abrasives for the professional user in the bodyshop

Discover our complete range of high-quality paper-, foil- and net sanding products for wet and dry applications. Our mini sanding discs are perfect for removing dust inclusions or small imperfections in the top coat. The Carsystem abrasives are available in different sizes and grits, so you can find the right sanding disc for any surface in our range. Do you prefer wet sanding? Then we recommend our SW20 sanding water, which extends the lifetime and keeps the sandingpaper moisturized. For hand and machine sanding, the Carsystem range includes suitable hand sanding blocks, orbital sanders and random orbital sanders from Rupes.

Carsystem ProFlex Mercury Folienschleifmittel

Film abrasive - 29 x 35 mm

ProFlex Mercury

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Carsystem ProFlex Pluto Folienschleifmittel - Ø 34 mm

Film abrasive - 34 mm

ProFlex Pluto

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Carsystem Topline WP S Papierschleifmittel

Paper abrasive - 230 x 280 mm

Topline WP S

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Carsystem Stripping Disc Grobreinigungsscheibe

Raw cleaning disc

Stripping Disc

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Carsystem Tape Off Disc Premium Folienradierer

Sticker removal disc

Tape Off Disc Premium

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Carsystem Schleifwasser SW20

Sanding water

Sanding Water SW20

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Carsystem Excenter Back Pad T.19 Stützteller - 150 mm

Back pad - 150 mm

Excenter Back Pad T.19

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Carsystem RUPES Back Pad Stützteller, 150 mm

Back pad, 150 mm

RUPES Back Pad

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