Bonding & Sealing

Adhesives, sealants and protection coatings for underbody and bodywork

Sealing seams, glueing windscreens, side windows and rear windows in bodywork and filling holes has never been easier – Carsystems products in the “Bonding & Sealing” category provide you with perfect glass bonding glues, sealing and repair compounds and help you achieve flawless results. Protect your vehicle optimally with our products for underbody, bodywork and stone chip protection and supplement your equipment with spray guns, tapes, brushes and sound deadening panels.

Carsystem Power Mixer Mischrohr

Mixing tube - 50 ml

Power Mixer

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Carsystem Power Mixer Gun 2K PU-Kleber Pistole

2K PU-glue gun

Power Mix Gun

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Carsystem Power Mix Film Träger- und Verstärkungsfolie

Backing and supporting film

Power Mix Film

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Carsystem UNIFLEX Air Gun Druckluftpresspistole

Air gun


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Carsystem Uniflex Gun Handpresspistole

Manual gun


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Carsystem MS Air Gun Spritzpistole

MS spray gun

MS Air Gun

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Carsystem KS-Gun UBS Pistole

Underbody protection gun


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Carsystem KS-Dual Gun UBS Pistole

Underbody protection gun

KS-Dual Gun

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