Clear coats, fillers and 1K sprays for the car painter

Professional painting guaranteed – Carsystem has built up a large range of high-quality clear coats, fillers and thinners over the years. The associated complementary products, such as our popular CPS system, simplify painting and lead to perfect results on the vehicle. From spot repair to complete painting, whether matt or glossy - Carsystem offers a wide range of products for all areas of application in bodyshops. Discover our versatile product range, including 2K clear coat with highest UV protection suitable for carbon fiber, the Carsystem UV or acrylic fillers, as well as thinners in a wide variety of versions. Convince yourself of the high quality and an optimal result on the vehicle.

Carsystem Dust Needle Flusennadel

Dust needle

Dust Needle

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Carsystem Mixing Stick Alu Messstab

Measuring stick

Mixing Stick Alu

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Carsystem Dust Keeper Bodenstaubbindemittel

Dust binding agent

Dust Keeper

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Carsystem S21 Spotblender

Blending paint spray

S.21 Spotblender

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[Translate to English:] Carsystem S21 Kunststoff Haftvermittler

Plastic Primer

S.21 Plastic Primer

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Produktfoto Carsystem S.21 1K Primer

1K filling primer

S.21 1K Primer

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Carsystem S.21 1K Füller grau

1K High build primer

S.21 1K Filler

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Carsystem S21 Zinkspray

Rust protection

S.21 Zinc-Spray

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