Protective Film SPF

Surface Protection Film - 60 cm x 20 m

The Carsystem protective film SPF is an extra thick protective film for floors and surfaces, such as stainless steel tables or work areas that are heavily contaminated with dirt. The protective film SPF is self-adhesive, can be easily applied, removed without leaving any residue, and has a high level of abrasion resistance and resistance to chemical exposure.

Article numbers and download table

Art.No. Specification Safety Data Sheet
158.145 60 cm x 20 m No files available.


  • Surface protection film
  • Self-adhesive
  • Structured surface has an anti-slip effect


  • Protective film for areas that are heavily contaminated with dirt, stainless steel surfaces or surfaces requiring short-term protection, such as:
  • Floors or surfaces in paint mixing rooms
  • Smooth and rough surfaces such as chipboard, wood or carpets from dust, footprints, build-ing materials, paint and moisture
  • Aircraft wings during repair and maintenance


  • Resistant to chemical and solvents
  • Recyclable
  • Can be easily applied and removes without leaving any residue


Only for indoor use (no weather resistance). The protective film SPF is not antistatic. We recommend checking the suitability very carefully when using in ATEX areas.