AF.21 X-pert

2K Acrylic Filler

The Carsystem AF.21 X-pert is an universal 2K acrylic filler for all common paint work in a bodyshop from spot repair to full vehicle and can be set as a high build filler as well as a wet-on-wet filler with a special thinner.

Article numbers and download table

Art.No. Specification Safety Data Sheet
158.216 white, 3.6 L, A-Comp.
158.218 grey, 3.6 L, A-comp.
158.219 black, 3.6 L, A-comp.
158.220 0.9 L, Hardener
158.221 1 L, Thinner standard
158.222 1 L, Thinner wet-on-wet


  • 2K Acrylic Filler
  • Universal filler 
  • Drying times:
  •    Standard:       25 min. / 60°C object temperature
  •    Wet-on-wet: 25 min. / 20°C object temperature
  • VOC compliant


  • All common paint work from spot repair to full vehicle
  • Very good adhesion to steel, aluminium, e-coat primers and polyester fillers
  • Painting new parts with e-coat primers


  • Settable as wet-on-wet
  • Excellent sandability
  • Layer thicknesses can be flexibly adjusted (low to very high layer thicknesses)
  • Application on e-coat primers without sanding