Multi Light

Multifuncional polyester putty

The Carsystem Multi Light polyester putty is a ultra lightweight, multifunctional putty with multi adhesion for filling small to deep imperfections, dents and scratches. The Multi Light has, thanks to leightweight filling agents, an improved sandability.

Article numbers and download table

Art.No. Specification KP VE Safety Data Sheet
141.503 beige / 1,3 kg tin incl. hardener 1 6
142.155 beige / 2,2 kg cartridge incl. hardener 1 6
142.156 beige / 7,2 kg cartridge incl. hardener 2 2


  • Multifunctional polyester putty
  • Ultra lightweight putty
  • Colour: light beige


  • For filling small to medium-sized imperfections, dents and scratches


  • Multi adhesion