Masking film blue

Masking film - Roll

The Carsystem masking film blue is a waterproof, paint adhesive masking film in a practical dispenser box. The masking film prevents water marks on cars with residual moisture.

Article numbers and download table

Art.No. Specification Safety Data Sheet
155.569 400 cm x 300 m (middle folding) No files available.
155.570 400 cm x 150 m (middle folding) No files available.
155.571 500 cm x 120 m (middle folding) No files available.


  • Paint adhesive
  • Strongly static
  • Heat resistant up to 110 °C
  • Dust protected in cardboard box


  • Vehicles with residual moisture


  • High static
  • One man use
  • Sticks perfectly on the car and can be applied wrinkle-free
  • This avoids that overspray infiltrates under the masking film
  • Avoids water marks from residual moisture


Due to the high static we recommend when repositioning, to lift the whole film off the car and re-place it