Masking film green

Masking film - Roll

The Carsystem masking film green is a waterproof, paint adhesive masking film in a practical dispenser box. Due to the strong static, the film sticks firmly to the vehicle and can therefore be easily processed by one person.

Article numbers and download table

Art.No. Specification Safety Data Sheet
155.565 400 cm x 300 m (middle folding) No files available.
155.567 500 cm x 120 m (middle folding) No files available.
155.568 600 cm x 100 m (middle folding) No files available.


  • Standard masking film
  • Paint adhesive
  • Strongly static
  • Heat resistant up to 110 °C
  • Dust protected in cardboard box


  • Standard masking film for all masking work


  • High static
  • One man use
  • Sticks perfectly on the car and can be applied wrinkle-free
  • This avoids that overspray infiltrates under the masking film


Due to the high static we recommend when repositioning, to lift the whole film off the car and re-place it